As of April 16, 2020 SARS-CoV-2 Response

We are committed to the safety and health of all our Worldwide Employees and Customers and will endeavour to follow all guidelines of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Public Health England and applicable local governments. During this time all our global teams will be following Work-From-Home directives and will continue to work normal business hours. We apologize for any delay in responses and appreciate your understanding.

Release Notes

Version Build Product Text
3.1.1 18361 PC Client Dialling menu options in Portuguese required adjusting
3.1.1 18361 PC Client Upgrading client retains Netinjectlib.dll, when it was previously lost
3.1.1 18361 PC Client Portuguese missing from languages list
3.1.1 18361 PC Client Meeting detection - WebEx is now detected.
3.1.1 18361 PC Client Same "Copy to Clipboard" icon used throughout
3.1.1 18361 PC Client Fixed Help if IE11 is not installed
3.1.1 18356 PC Client Chat message no longer shows notification on startup, after the message has been dismissed
3.1.1 18356 PC Client Resolved displaying of city names that contain starting with a punctuation character
3.1.1 18356 PC Client Added "clear availability date/time" from Presence popup
3.1.1 18356 PC Client New Addin Library 3.0.1910.108
3.1.1 18356 PC Client Able to disable messaging preview window
3.1.1 18356 PC Client Server > Transport shows Version Information correctly
3.1.1 18356 PC Client New Addin Library 3.0.1912.216
3.1.1 18353 TAPI Client Windows 10 major upgrade (Oct 2018 Windows update 1803) no longer causes UCServer to stop working
3.1.1 18353 TAPI Client TAPI registry location moved to avoid Windows 10 update issue
3.1.1 18343 Server Fixed: Message archiving issue
3.1.1 18343 Server Session ID purged to stop memory build up.
3.1.1 18343 Server UCusers update to address Microsoft Azure API change
3.1.0 18328 Server ELG TAPI Driver vD.2Dh in use
3.1.0 18316 PC Client SSL Certificate updated for Zoho Phonebridge integration
3.1.0 18296 PC Client External LED Detected correctly
3.1.0 18284 PC Client City name showing correctly as: ''S-Hertogenbosch
3.1.0 18280 PC Client Scaling CRM icons in drop down list is consistent size
3.1.0 18276 PC Client OutlookModel (Redemption) v5.19 update, Outlook 2016/2019 and Outlook Centennial (Windows Store) compatibility
3.1.0 18264 PC Client Making multiple calls or searching CRM contacts no longer impacts product performance
3.1.0 18264 PC Client "?" in Extension field in Client is working as expected
3.1.0 18264 PC Client Added the Duration to the end of the text subject when writing CRM call activity
3.0.13 18274 PC Client Date/time format in recent calls improved
3.0.13 18274 PC Client Support added for Edge dialing handler
3.0.13 18274 PC Client Busylight and Blynclight now can work simultaneously
3.0.13 18271 PC Client Connect EXE is now Codesigned
3.0.13 18267 PC Client Translation applied to CRM Activity Logging
3.0.13 18266 PC Client Fixed issue where Presence window did not open on older O/S
3.0.13 18265 PC Client Type to dial box appears when make call is clicked on the toolbar
3.0.13 18259 PC Client Fixed error/crash generated by connect.exe when user logs out on Citrix environment
3.0.13 18259 PC Client Message Notifications are no longer repeated, if the message has been read - or if the message notification has been dismissed
3.0.13 18259 PC Client When Security Policy Feature for "Presence" is disabled for a user, double clicking the taskbar menu icon will no longer display Presence
3.0.13 18259 PC Client Chat message no longer shows notification on startup, after the message has been dismissed
3.0.13 18254 PC Client Reject call now fires a missed call event as expected
3.0.13 18248 PC Client "Show Presence on answer working correctly"
3.0.13 18248 PC Client Successfully assigning a photo to user account from the Presence window no longer presents an error
3.0.13 18248 PC Client Maximising the client on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 will expand to the full screen
3.0.13 18248 PC Client Included the latest Outlookmodel.dll & Outlookmodel64.dll changes to 5.18
3.0.13 18248 PC Client Outlook OEM integration supported
3.0.13 18248 PC Client Hot Keys now work correctly, except in the Edge browser which is a current known limitation
3.0.13 18246 PC Client Support added for Blynclight external devices
3.0.13 18243 PC Client Re connection Message set to info ico - instead of error ico (cross)
3.0.13 18243 PC Client In the Chat window, "Ctrl-Enter" adds a carriage return. "Enter" sends a message as usual
3.0.13 18240 PC Client Task Tray menu when opened generates high CPU of over 25%
3.0.13 18233 PC Client Show "Notes" field from CRM as a column in the Address book search result
3.0.13 18233 PC Client ''Capture from Webcam'' option has been removed from the Photo Selector in the Presence window
3.0.13 18233 PC Client Attempting to upload a photo that isn''t in a recognised image format is handled more gracefully
3.0.13 18233 PC Client Notes column is now shown in the Address book search results for ODBC and Outlook
3.0.13 18233 PC Client When "show contact" is selected from presence view, the Availability State is shown correctly in contact information
3.0.13 18233 PC Client Fixed Preview Window taking focus
3.0.13 18212 PC Client Recent calls translation of “yesterday” and “today”
3.0.13 18211 PC Client Updated SSL Certificate
3.0.13 18211 PC Client CRM Online Help Links Dynamically
3.0.13 18210 PC Client Issues caused by Windows Resolution and Docked Presence are resolved
3.0.13 18207 PC Client Images show on search results correctly
3.0.13 18205 PC Client HTTPMonitor DLL is now Version 2 includes Support for C++ 2015 redistributables (affecting Google Contacts Integration)
3.0.13 18204 PC Client Disabled searching in Address book and Task Tray if CRM does not have "Live" Capabilities e.g. Zoho Phone Bridge
3.0.13 18202 PC Client User Selected Language Works Consistently
3.0.13 18202 PC Client Removed CRM status showing Standard/Partner
3.0.13 18195 PC Client SSL Certificate not working - Chrome Websocket shows (Optcode-1)
3.0.13 18187 PC Client CLI matching on ACT 2010 integration has improved fidelity and will only find records, based on exact matches
3.0.13 18182 PC Client DND/FWD options are not shown when disabled from Security Policy
3.0.13 18182 PC Client Availability options are not shown if disabled from Security Policy
3.0.13 18181 PC Client Presence main account image Initials and colours will show same initials and colour in the presence window list
3.0.13 18176 PC Client Nederlands Translations updated
3.0.13 18164 PC Client "remind" rule is Optional - the button should say "Ignore this update" => as user is never reminded once ignored
3.0.13 18151 PC Client Task Tray Menu Height is consistent across "Panes"
3.0.13 18151 PC Client Advanced Dialling Rules no longer causes "unhandled exception" error
3.0.13 18151 PC Client Focus is no longer taken form other applications when a new call notification arrives
3.0.13 18151 PC Client Fixed Presence Items truncated after searching in Sys tray
3.0.13 18150 PC Client Updated "Lync Call" status to be "Skype for Business Call"
3.0.12 18193 Server After a Major Windows updates, if Server Database has been moved, Server will try to recover by looking for backup in C:\windows.old\windows\system32\config\systemprofile
3.0.12 18143 PC Client Phone window show the correct time zone for the Contact
3.0.12 18137 PC Client Availability States are consistent throughout software
3.0.12 18136 PC Client Presence behaves correctly when Combined View is Grouped
3.0.12 18136 PC Client Notes from CRM display improved in Caller Preview window
3.0.12 18136 PC Client Improved chat message sizing issues
3.0.12 18136 Server Department info is shown correctly on edit User in "Department" field
3.0.12 18136 PC Client Character limitation on messaging has been extended to 2000 characters (per message)
3.0.12 18136 PC Client On receipt of an internal call, "User image" is displayed on Preview and Phone Window correctly
3.0.12 18135 PC Client CLI is shown in bottom panel of Presence Window
3.0.12 18132 Server Upgrading between versions obtains correct Version Licence automatically
3.0.12 18130 Server Virtual Devices options are available
3.0.12 18130 PC Client Improved Google Places Integration search when number is non-geo e.g. 0800
3.0.12 18130 PC Client Licence Selection is working correctly
3.0.12 18130 PC Client The ability to change your Availability Custom Message in the Presence window is available
3.0.12 18130 PC Client The ability to change your Availability state in the Presence window is available
3.0.12 18130 PC Client Activities, Lock Computer options now revert to last known state when "unlocked"
3.0.12 18128 PC Client Configuring Outlook integration links to the User Outlook Profile correctly
3.0.12 18128 PC Client Started Deploying correct Outlook Model dll V5.16.0
3.0.12 18122 PC Client Messaging showing in Task Tray Menu correctly
3.0.12 18122 PC Client Zoho Phonebridge Integration supports two factor authentication
3.0.12 18121 PC Client Update built in SSL Certificate for HTTPS communication with client
3.0.12 18120 PC Client Improvements to Tray menu spacing based on sub text
3.0.12 18105 PC Client CRM setup, Number search fixed for CRM's that require information from branding
3.0.12 18098 PC Client Sorting/Grouping Features working correctly in Presence
3.0.12 18097 PC Client Dialling from Firefox new Extension available
3.0.12 18096 PC Client Select peer now displays search results in alphabetical name order, after selecting a peer, focus no longer automatically moves to the Add button
3.0.12 18079 Server Validation carried out on "City" when registering Serial Number
3.0.12 18077 PC Client Integration Icons have enough space to show correctly on Phone Window
3.0.12 18049 Server Complete Transfer and Conference options now supported in the Demonstration PBX
3.0.11 18047 PC Client Custom dialer no longer generates a crash when detecting IE browser text box
3.0.10 18095 PC Client .Net Developer API (DEVIPC) available
3.0.10 18039 PC Client "Help" Introduced into Task-tray
3.0.10 18039 PC Client Right-click no longer required on Presence Window - replaced with hover
3.0.10 18039 PC Client "Partner" Integrations Clearly shown on Integrations page
3.0.10 18039 PC Client "Standard" Integrations Clearly shown on Integrations page
3.0.10 18039 PC Client New User Interface
3.0.10 18039 PC Client "Other" Integrations Available through "Unlock Codes"
3.0.10 18039 PC Client New layout of Task-tray
3.0.10 18039 PC Client Extension icon replaced with initials on Presence
3.0.10 18039 PC Client Descriptions added to Task-tray
2.7.6 Mac Client Lync integration updated to be Skype for Business
2.6.12 17148 PC Client Social Networking Integration removed
2.6.11 17081 PC Client Exiting Client when Outlook integration is configured no longer breaks integration
2.6.11 17079 PC Client Google Contacts Integration can support Two-Factor Authentication
2.6.10 17076 PC Client Address Book Search returns results, based on the number when it is presented in any format on a cached integration
2.6.10 17049 Server Extension names are now being downloaded correctly after being changed on LG PBXs
2.6.10 17046 PC Client Phone Executable no longer able to carry out blanket search
2.6.10 17039 PC Client Absence Text no longer goes missing after client inactive for some time
2.6.10 17038 PC Client Chat messages with Arabic characters shown correctly
2.6.10 17038 PC Client Searches carried out with Arabic characters return results
2.6.10 17032 PC Client When Address Book Search popped, it no longer appears behind all windows
2.6.10 17004 Server Improved security for access server administration
2.6.10 17004 Server Improved support for TLS1.0 disablement
2.6.10 17004 PC Client, TAPI Client Support for Salesforce CRM Integration if Salesforce TLS1.0 critical update is activated
2.6.10 17004 Server Support for TLS 1.2
2.6.10 17004 Server Addition of new Partner Integrations
2.6.10 17004 PC Client, Server Upgrade to version .NET 4.5
2.6.1 Mac Client Number on clipboard icon no longer obscures DND / FWD Icon
2.6.1 Mac Client The CRM contact correctly showed during the call in Call History
2.6.1 Mac Client Recent menu behaves like the PC client
2.6.1 Mac Client DND / FWD Icons Show correctly
2.6.1 Mac Client Can search Sugar CRM correctly
2.6.1 Mac Client Xing! Integration Correctly Showing as Linked
2.6.1 Mac Client Phone Window Icon shown in correct order
2.6.1 Mac Client Location information is showing in the correct order
2.6.1 Mac Client Licences Showing Correctly
2.6.1 Mac Client Sugar CRM is now in Supported List of Integrations
2.5.38 16354 PC Client Address Book Search follows Correct Behaviour
2.5.38 16348 PC Client Syntax Error on Goldmine Integration Solved
2.5.38 16348 PC Client Cached Google Contacts Integration allows user to select Calendar
2.5.38 16347 Server When Extension is Out of Service, State changes to reflect this.
2.5.38 16347 Server Device Name extended to 255 characters
2.5.38 16347 Server LCF_DROP is shown for incoming calls
2.5.38 16345 Server Extension Status Updates correctly across federated sites
2.5.38 16342 Server Server Shows Consumption of AD Integration Licences Correctly
2.5.38 16342 Server When ShortName is not a number, it is being sent in TAPI
2.5.38 16331 TAPI Client Closing down a TAPI connection releases licences correctly
2.5.38 16329 PC Client DevOutlook.exe improved to always close when hosting client is exited
2.5.38 16323 PC Client Screenpop to Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2016 Desktop works correctly
2.5.37 16320 PC Client Further improvements to internationally formatted numbers on Call History: editing the name from the history will also update the history
2.5.37 16319 PC Client MS Access Integration: Selecting the "Form" and "ID" fields in are no longer Failing when selected from drop-down
2.5.37 16319 PC Client Direction and Duration field on other user's/extension's call history shown correctly when information is dynamically updated
2.5.37 16318 PC Client Zoho CRM Integration: Support for EU Regional Server added
2.5.37 16315 PC Client Custom event for "Ringing" on outbound call working correctly
2.5.37 16314 Server When using Hotdesking on UCP100, call sent correctly
2.5.37 16314 Server Extension names are now being downloaded correctly from LG PBXs and remain if connection restarted
2.5.37 16311 Server New installations will install SQL localDB 2014 (upgrades will continue to use SQLExpress)
2.5.37 16301 PC Client Show Presence Option appears in the Call Events menu correctly
2.5.37 16301 PC Client Phonehelper dials internal numbers correctly
2.5.37 16300 PC Client Call Parking handled better
2.5.37 16299 PC Client Outlook Integration remains intact on Upgrade from 2.4 to 2.5
2.5.37 16294 PC Client User security level elevated at start of install to ensure internal msi's run with elevated status, allowing msi's to be deployed properly if admin rights unavailable
2.5.37 16287 PC Client Dynamics CRM Integration has been improved to provide the full 9 locations
2.5.37 16287 PC Client Stored numbers in Shared Address Book with leading + will search correctly
2.5.37 16285 PC Client Improved searching of Microsoft Outlook partial matches on cached integration
2.5.37 16285 PC Client Numbers stored in Shared Address Book with + Prefix are not matching against active calls
2.5.37 16279 PC Client Numbers stored in own country with international formatting (00, or+) can be correctly matched in Shared Address Book
2.5.36 16275 PC Client HotKeys now working
2.5.34 16247 PC Client General Microsoft Outlook integration improvements
2.5.34 16247 PC Client Click-to-dial supported in Skype-for-Business 2016
2.5.34 16247 PC Client Microsoft Outlook caching working better for sites with over 1000 contacts
2.5.34 16246 PC Client Upgrade from 2.4 to 2.5 no longer creates duplicate Integrations
2.5.32 16260 PC Client Microsoft Exchange 2016 Supported
2.5.32 16240 PC Client Moving from customised view and back follows previously set ''group by'' options
2.5.32 16237 Extension names are now being downloaded correctly from LG PBXs
2.5.32 16234 PC Client Multiple contact icon no longer pops broken page
2.5.32 16234 PC Client Integrations no longer "Load" addins that are set to be cached
2.5.32 16229 PC Client Opera browser (extension) is now shown in Dialling Handlers
2.5.32 16226 PC Client Data Caching on GAL Contacts now works
2.5.32 16225 PC Client Google Contacts integration "Comm class factory" error resolved by Updating DLL.
2.5.32 16219 PC Client Support for Busylight V2 introduced
2.5.32 16219 PC Client Key Cursor now Focuses on Transfer Window
2.5.32 16219 PC Client Client sets Lync State to previous after being on a call
2.5.32 16213 PC Client Skype for Business dialling rules now added to the dialling handlers menu
2.5.32 16213 Server Server Event Threading handled better with LG PBX's
2.5.32 16210 PC Client On exit of away from desk - availability state reverts back to last known
2.5.32 16195 PC Client Busylight support improved
2.5.32 16193 Absence Text is correct on both the extension and user views
2.5.32 16193 PC Client PhoneLink folder is used as "Appdata" and "Programdata" locations for settings.xml
2.5.32 16193 PC Client There is no longer a conflict between FWD All and Voicemail icons
2.5.31 16188 PC Client Client connects to SQL Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration when required and disconnects after
2.5.31 16186 Deflect On Ringing Now introduced
2.5.31 16184 PC Client When a Feature Code Event is setup, saved then edited - the "type" of event is no longer reset.
2.5.31 16183 PC Client Called Tel showing in bottom panel of presence correctly
2.5.31 16182 PC Client UCFullTapi is now able to authenticate on Non US/UK Operating systems.
2.5.31 16178 PC Client WebSockets now added to Phone.exe to allow Salesforce Call Centre Adapter
2.5.31 16178 PC Client Combit integration is now supported as an "Advanced CRM Integration"
2.5.31 16177 PC Client Calendar Integration settings under Activities now extends to Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Google Contacts Calendar
2.5.30 16175 Server UCTelephony reconnects automatically to the PBX after PC restarted/powered on
2.5.30 16175 PC Client Customised View is able to show call history correctly
2.5.30 16175 PC Client Google Contacts opens on correct page
2.5.30 16175 PC Client Help icon appears correctly in Windows 10
2.5.30 16175 PC Client When multiple chat messages are open, on receipt of message - only relevant chat window opens
2.5.30 16168 Help Option now available from Task Tray
2.5.30 16161 PC Client Maximiser CRM Web Access integration introduced
2.5.27 16154 PC Client Limit AD synchronisatrion to container
2.5.27 16154 PC Client When Searching for a User on "Messaging" - Results shown correctly
2.5.27 16149 PC Client Focus Dialling now follows options set against Dialling Rules correctly
2.5.27 16148 PC Client Send digits function now works correctly from all number entry locations
2.5.27 16145 Server Notes are no longer cached, resulting in faster update when edited
2.5.27 16141 PC Client Dial button is no longer skewed in ACT! when viewed in 125% mode
2.5.26 16130 PC Client Programmed hotkeys present task tray icons correctly
2.5.26 16128 PC Client ACT 2010 Included in Integration list
2.5.25 16121 PC Client Active Directory Integration now allows Organisational Unit to be synchronised
2.5.25 16118 Server Changing the Area Code of a site no longer requires you to restart the UCServer service.
2.5.25 16118 PC Client Outlook integration works with "default" folder values in all languages
2.5.25 16118 Server Telephone numbers set against User are being stored correctly
2.5.25 16114 PC Client Lync availability works correctly in 2010 and 2013 Clients
2.5.25 16113 Server TAPI Licence Improvements
2.5.22 16100 PC Client Row height for results returned from Outlook Integration in Address Book Search shows correct amount of information
2.5.22 16095 PC Client Following a "Go To Meeting" update, online meeting detection corrected
2.5.22 16095 PC Client Plugin working correctly to allow dialling from Internet Explorer
2.5.22 16092 PC Client Fixed Right Click dialing
2.5.22 16092 PC Client Meeting and Availability states corrected
2.5.22 16092 PC Client Fixed "add user" field for Customised Presence
2.5.22 16092 PC Client Improved caching for larger databases
2.5.22 16092 PC Client Fixed security for "Other Call History" to hide history for contact
2.5.22 16090 Server Fixed Availability grid on Server Configuration
2.5.22 16088 PC Client Extension view on presence no longer shows information incorrectly on server based calendar integration
2.5.21 16084 PC Client If view others' history security privilege is not set for user, Call History options are removed
2.5.20 16068 PC Client Events added to PHONE-LiNK client
2.5.20 16060 PC Client "Act! Plugin could not be installed" Error on Act! Integration Resolved
2.5.20 16057 PC Client Availability State is now set against associated Extensions of a User when viewing Combined View.
2.5.20 16057 PC Client When going into different states the set state is no longer cancelled automatically after a few minutes.
2.5.20 16057 PC Client Correct state for Availability shown on "Preferred device" and "extension"
2.5.20 16057 PC Client User state is shown correctly as "Online" for User, and Extensions for associated extensions
2.5.20 16057 PC Client "Data Connection" Section added to client configuration, allowing caching of local CRM information
2.5.11 16054 PC Client We now support "Busylight UC - for Microsoft Lync and other UC platforms"
2.5.10 16030 PC Client User can now "dock" the Presence Window (Windows 8 & 10)
2.5.10 16028 PC Client Features menu now controls the preferred device
2.5.10 16028 PC Client Server softphone setting change to second extension
2.5.10 16028 PC Client Extensions provisioned through client remain attached to user in combined view
2.5.10 16028 PC Client Tray menu shows Call Forward and DND for preferred device
2.5.10 16025 PC Client Missing System Tray Icon Now Returns
2.5.10 16021 PC Client CRM Integration Fixed to Cache Using Configured Period of Time
2.5.10 16020 PC Client Presence Window Can Now Dock to the User's Preferred Side of the Screen (Windows 8 only)
2.5.10 16013 PC Client In 2.5 the standard PDF manuals have been replaced with context sensitive online help. A complete on line manual is also available
2.5.10 16013 PC Client Added Help option to the 'Tray menu'
2.5.10 16008 PC Client Groups, Trunks, etc will appear in "Extension" view in Presence (if set to visible)
2.5.10 16001 PC Client Right clicking on a user from presence window will provide "email to" option
2.5.10 16001 PC Client Dial pad option added for DTMF generation
2.5.10 16001 PC Client, Server The 2.5 version of the PC client and server will use the .NET 4.0 framework
2.4.33 15206 PC Client New version of BullHorn CRM required updated integration method
2.4.32 15183 Server LG UCP connection is now possible
2.4.32 15173 PC Client After Windows Explorer has crashed, attempt to show the Taskbar icon when Explorer is next running
2.4.30 15167 Server Adding a Range on Server Configuration Issues Resolved
2.4.30 15164 PC Client Lotus Notes Integration Field Name Changes on Multiple Languages
2.4.30 15162 PC Client Resolved User list not working in "Select Peers" for "Messaging" and "Presence"
2.4.30 15162 PC Client Improved support for Dialing from Outlook 2013
2.4.30 15161 PC Client All language dictionaries have been updated
2.4.30 15161 PC Client Improved Dialling on formatted numbers within Salesforce
2.4.30 15161 PC Client "Hotdesking" now supported on eMG80
2.4.30 15160 Server Security Policies Updated to "View others live calls" and "View others call history"
2.4.29 15148 Server TAPI 32 connection now prevents "Double Connected" message from being sent to applications
2.4.28 15145 PC Client Server supports directory download from eMG80
2.4.28 15145 PC Client Custom View on Presence Updates Immediately
2.4.28 15144 PC Client Address Book Search now allows sending Emails from Outlook
2.4.28 15141 Server Non admin policies now have correct starting settings
2.4.28 15141 Server Licence added for Tenants and download extension range added to PBX type
2.4.28 15137 Server Hidden Area Code for Small Countries with no "Areas"
2.4.28 15135 Fixed the issue with switching between the extension pages (with the DDI assigned to it)
2.4.28 15135 PC Client Call History Showing Local Numbers without Area Code now resolved.
2.4.28 15135 PC Client Fixed problem where local dialed numbers had no area code
2.4.28 15134 User no longer gets stuck when adding new customised page from right-click menu no on extensions when cancelled
2.4.28 15133 Bug Where Presence Page Refreshed too Often Resolved
2.4.28 15133 Added Flashing cursor when the text is typed in the filter field
2.4.28 15130 PC Client Removed Shift & Alt options from Hotkey Dialling
2.4.28 15130 PC Client Hotkey dialing: Fixed for detecting from PDFs
2.4.28 15130 PC Client The Preview window not showing caller's name if it has been found in an addin resolved
2.4.28 15129 PC Client Now able to cancel FWD from "Features" option
2.4.28 15126 PC Client Hyperlinks within text message are now clickable
2.4.27 15119 PC Client Unable to Transfer Call in progress to external Number on Receipt of inbound Call resolved
2.4.27 15119 PC Client Improved IE Textbox dialing
2.4.27 15119 Restored 'Complete' button when the Operator tries to Consult/Transfer the call
2.4.27 15119 PC Client Fixed tab order for "Shared Adress Book" Contact page
2.4.27 15119 PC Client Added ability to dial numbers that require "wait for dialtone" using prefix:number, ie *92:90800500005
2.4.27 15119 Items can now be multi-selected
2.4.27 15115 PC Client Fixed text box webpage dialling
2.4.27 15115 PC Client Client upgrade no longer disables 'Application Dialling' settings
2.4.27 15113 PC Client Now integrates into Microsoft Outlook's GAL Contacts folder
2.4.27 15113 PC Client Added main version number to versions page
2.4.27 15112 Better sorting on startup
2.4.11 Mac Client “Activate” button working after an error message has been received on Salesforce integration
2.4.11 Mac Client Preferences > Interface page no longer takes a long time to load
2.4.11 Mac Client Message thread is no longer lost when replying to a message in the mac client
2.4.11 Mac Client Message History is no longer cleared each time the mac client is launched
2.4.11 Mac Client On exit/start or waking from sleep, messages all disappear from message history Mac Client Client consumes correct licence Mac Client Preview Window Timer Corrected Mac Client OSX 10.11 is now supported Mac Client Security Policy changes to disable caller info Mac Client Log files shown correctly Mac Client Mail button no longer appends double slashes (‘//’) to email address on Contact View Mac Client Software Signature Provided Mac Client Web button no longer appends ''http://'' regardless if link already had protocol or required ''https'' on Contact View Mac Client Corrected new /existing contact logic Mac Client DTMF sent correctly Mac Client Contact name and displayname switched to display correctly Mac Client Contact search improvement
2.4.10 9 Mac Client Call History ordering correctly
2.4.10 7 Mac Client Improved Keepalive between client and server
2.4.10 10 Mac Client Salesforce Integration correctly returns results Mac Client Identity of Developer can now be confirmed Mac Client Trying to collapse multiple groups no longer re-opens ''Unknown'' or ''Department'' Mac Client OS X Contacts integration no longer fails Mac Client Mac address book search inconsistencies resolved Mac Client Preview/Call Window match data and show correctly Mac Client Software is now able to Detect Default Language Correctly Mac Client Mac correctly searches on partial matches Mac Client Preview window better matches PC version. Preview shows transferred call detail Mac Client Shared address book contact field updates will save and transfer over on a live call Mac Client Preview/Call Window show data faster, matching PC client speed Mac Client Presence screen settings, view, group by and sort save when personalised Mac Client Salesforce Integration no longer crashes application Mac Client Preview Window is now movable (if it is not moved, the Preview notification will stack. If it is moved, they will not stack)
1.1.7 TAPI Client Removed 'ID' tags - redundant and caused more problems than fixed
1.1.7 TAPI Client Some numbers are no longer being filtered away
1.1.7 TAPI Client Different page check: simplifies code
1.1.7 TAPI Client More robust search
1.1.7 TAPI Client Some sites no longer break the icon transparency
1.1.7 TAPI Client Added another 'invalid number' rule
1.1.7 TAPI Client Search patterns updated
1.1.7 TAPI Client Added GUID filter
1.1.7 TAPI Client Single line with multiple numbers no longer gets ignored
1.1.7 TAPI Client Options Introduced to replace hardcoded numbers on Web Pages
1.1.7 TAPI Client Can select protocol type in options (instead of just 'dial' in-case of other software conflicting)