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PHONE-LiNK is a powerful unified communication software suite, which allows users a high level of integration, communication and collaboration with their Ericsson-LG phone system.

Strong integration to a huge range of different CRM and Business systems users information about callers quickly and efficiently significantly increasing productivity. 

The PHONE-LiNK product suite is not only cost effective but also very easy to maintain and install.

PHONE-LiNK Standard

All the call functions you need with a simple click-dial, transfer, hold, consult.

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Standard license not enough for you?

If you need integration with Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts and Lotus Notes you can then use PHONE-LiNK Standard Plus licence

PHONE-LiNK Standard Plus

All the features of the PHONE-LiNK Standard license with Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts and Lotus Notes integration.

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Standard Plus doesn't support your application?

If you need access to even more integrations and want to save even more time, then the CRM licence is for you.


All the features of PHONE-LiNK Standard Plus with many custom and standard business applications. This allows instant access to relevant information making the end user experience so much more efficient and saving the customer both time and ultimately money.

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Looking for a PC-based Operator Console?

If you offer receptionist services and need to manage a high volume of calls then PHONE-LiNK Operator is ideal for you.

PHONE-LiNK Operator

Do you need TAPI?

The PHONE-LiNK product suite includes a Full TSP Driver