Minor, Major and Iteration Releases

Iteration releases include small product improvements (also known as maintenance releases) without a change to the core features of the product.

Software Assurance is not required to upgrade to an iteration release within the licensed Major / Minor release.

  • Example of iteration upgrade: 2.3.15 to 2.3.17

Minor and Major releases include feature changes intended to increase the value of the product to the end user.

  • Example of minor upgrade: 2.3.17 to 2.4.0
  • Example of major upgrade: 2.4.11 to 3.0.0

The above information is important in understanding the upgrading and what Software Assurance covers.

Additional Version Numbering

The version number will also normally include an additional field presented as: Build: 16321-4323.

The first five digit field uniquely identifies the core code base used in the release and the second four digits is a unique build number that may be used to reference updated component libraries.